No where to go but up from here!

So we talked about getting started with dirt, worms, composting, pets and plants. I’ve had my garden and flower beds for almost 5 years. It’s had its ups and downs. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. After child birth its the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. I know that sounds crazy, but there is just something about taking a plant from seed to table.

My grandkids are starting to get involved. They pick stuff to grow, which is great until they name them. Then it becomes iffy. I hear things like “oh now we can’t eat Red, or we can’t eat Blue……… Eventually they get it. They picked an orange tree to plant for Earth day. Trying to make them understand it had to be a dwarf tree really limited what we got. My grandson wanted a Meyer lemon tree…… Because he likes to eat lemons. When I asked him if he would eat them all, he said no. So no lemon tree.

Everyone should grow something, veggies, fruits, flowers, just find something and grow it. Even if it’s just in window box (great for herbs) or on a balcony. It helps us appreciate where our food comes from and how much work is involved in producing so many things that people take for granted.

Lets talk about pesticides for a few minutes. I don’t use any…….. Seriously nothing, not even the occasional soap and water. If  showed you a current picture of my Brussel sprout plants you would think a bunny had been chewing on them. I’m not sure what is feasting, but what the heck. We won’t eat the leaves anyway. The first year we had such a large crop of tomatoes, the husband and sons spent many an evening picking tomato worms off the plants. Occasionally I find some of the grape leaves chewed on as well. Since I’m not some big farm and I’m only growing for us and not for profit, it doesn’t bother me. This year we planted corn and I’m sure I’ll find a few worms in the corn. Ah, the circle of life.

There are a few plants I plant to help keep tiny critters at bay. In between my plants I have marigolds, they have a smell that alot of insects don’t like plus they help protect the health of the soil under the plants . My mom use to say marigolds stink. So there ya go lol. Occasionally i’ll plant chrysanthemums when the husband brings them home from work. Lavender is one of my favorites, I plant it with my herbs. It’s a multi-tasker and ask Alton Brown, we love multi-taskers. Lavender will help repel fleas (not an issue in the desert), moths and mosquitos.  You get the added bonus of the wonderful smell of the lavender and the pretty flowers.

So now you know how my garden grows. Have a great day and make your own path

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